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8th October 2019

In the UK, legislation surrounding who can and can’t perform non-surgical aesthetic procedures remains lax and challenging to police.

However, the pressure is now mounting to tighten the rules and stop those with no medical qualifications performing treatments like Botox and fillers. In the meantime, it’s essential to be savvy when it comes to choosing who to approach for such treatments.

Non-surgical aesthetic treatments should only ever be performed by a medical professional. Seeking it elsewhere could put you at risk of irrevocable damage to your skin and even your overall health. But how do you go about identifying who is legitimate?

What to look for in a clinic?

The word ‘salon’ can sometimes cause confusion with potential clients. Many of us think of a non-medical setting when we consider the connotations of the word ‘salon’ – think “hair salon” or “nail salon.”

In fact, non-surgical aesthetic treatments can be performed in a salon, as long as the team consists of qualified doctors with the relevant anatomical knowledge to safely conduct the treatment.

You can check a salon or clinic’s ‘About’ page to research who works there, what their expertise covers and how long they’ve been performing treatments. This will put your mind at ease as you’ll know you’re in safe hands from the start.

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Whether an establishment is recognised as an accredited practitioner is another sure-fire way of establishing high standards of treatment and care. For example, RJ Aesthetic is part of SaveFace, who are accredited by the Professional Standards Authority and NHS England

RJ Aesthetic is very proud to be located within KG Salon, an award-winning brand synonymous with high standards and quality. The KG Salon group has received a number of accolades and awards from industry experts – RJ Aesthetic are delighted to be in such company.

RJ Aesthetic is conveniently situated a stone’s throw from Seven Kings train station in Ilford and is led by principal clinician Dr Rajest Chadda. Click here to find out more about Dr Chadda, a qualified medical doctor with 18 years of professional experience.


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