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Non-surgical chin enhancement

Non-surgical chin enhancement treatment works to re-shape and improve the appearance of your chin. It does that by increasing its projection, length and width. Chin reshaping can also reduce the appearance of jowls and hanging areas of fat under the jawline.

This treatment is suitable for patients who have chin irregularities from birth or due to an injury. Your doctor here at RJ Aesthetic will take your overall facial features into account when planning your treatment, in order to create a natural-looking result.

Non-surgical chin enhancement means a streamlined and non-invasive experience for patients. You won’t have to stay overnight at a hospital, take time off work or adjust your day-to-day routine post-treatment. Patients do not suffer any scarring after the procedure or have any of the undesirable side-effects of cosmetic surgery.

Filler injections will be administered to specific areas of the chin area, reshaping and restructuring to meet patient expectations. The fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the human body.

The fillers can last for a very long time, depending on the individual so you would only need a top-up every 12-24 months. We will invite you to attend an initial consultation in order to ascertain your treatment expectations. RJ Aesthetic’s Dr Chadda will then create a custom treatment plan, unique to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I experience any side-effects?

Patients may experience a very minor degree of swelling and bruising, though this typically resolves after several days to a maximum of a week. It is recommended that patients avoid rubbing and applying pressure on the chin area for a couple of days after treatment.

How long will it take to see results?

The non-surgical chin enhancement is instant but can take up to a couple of weeks to settle into the finished result.

Is treatment safe?

RJ Aesthetic is headed by Dr Rajest Chadda a practicing GP with over 13 years of experience. Dr Chadda’s expert anatomical knowledge and skin expertise, coupled with his medical experience, means patients are in safe hands at the clinic.

RJ Aesthetics
RJ Aesthetics

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Are there further benefits of chin enhancement treatment?

Making changes to the appearance of the chin can totally transform a person’s facial appearance, restoring their confidence. We’re always so pleased to hear about how our patients feel rejuvenated and that their general wellbeing has improved as a result of treatment.

Do I need to attend any follow-up appointments?

There is no need to attend a follow-up appointment post-treatment unless any severe complications occur which is very rare. If you would like to book yourself in for your next treatment, please speak to your doctor, who can advise on when the fillers need to be refreshed.


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