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Frequently Asked Questions

What are lip fillers made of?
Lip fillers, or dermal fillers, are a gel-like injectable treatment that closely mirror a naturally occurring substance in the body called hyaluronic acid. This protein is essential to firm, full, and youthful skin which, along with collagen, we naturally lose as we age. Using hyaluronic acid in lip fillers ensures treatment is safe, effective, and accepted by the body.

When will I see my results?
You’ll see your results immediately after treatment, though you may shortly experience swelling. After this swelling has receded over the next 2-3 days, your results will settle into their optimum fullness.

How long will my results last?
Your results could typically last for between 6-12 months, after which you will need a top-up appointment if you wish to maintain them. Everyone’s body processes the dermal filler at different speeds, so results tend to vary from client to client.

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Is this treatment safe?
Because dermal fillers utilise this naturally occurring bodily sugar, they are very safe for use within the face. Your body naturally dissolves and breaks down the filler, recycling it at no complaint to your system. After some minor side effects, it is fully accepted by your skin.

Are there any side effects with this treatment?
There are some minor side effects associated with lip fillers, though they are natural and nothing to worry about. Minor swelling, sensitivity, and bruising at the injection sites may occur. Avoiding alcohol for 2 days either side of your treatment minimises the risk of bruising, and a cold compress will help control the swelling. These should only last for 2-3 days after your treatment.

Does treatment with dermal fillers hurt?
Discomfort during this treatment is very minor because we use a topical anaesthetic cream to numb the treatment area. This means you may only feel a small scratch at the point of injection.

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